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Get connected!


Hello community , I would like to take a brief second to explain a little more about my website “get connected” . this is a website to help our community connect in several different fashions , whether its business , relations, or just social . it would be very much appreciated if everyone would carry their self in a appropriate manner . were here to help reconnect our community. So please be respectful . all feed back is welcome , the more feed back I get about the website the better I can adapt it to fitting all our expectation. And needs . thank you for visiting our website , your greatly appreciated !

Your feed back would definitely be appreciated good or bad I’m not exactly the sensitive type . I’m completely new at all this i have been teaching myself how to do coding , and also want to get into developing websites + much more . I seriously would appreciate all advice an feed back . thank you for your attention & time

Transparent man in the mirror , no more wasted time


Standing alone looking at the transparent image looking back at me , empty hallow shell is what it seemed to me .. Stuck too deep in my thoughts , completely absent from reality . staring at a stranger in the reflection of what’s supposed to be a familiar presence . a product of the disaster I call my life . abandoned by our mother without so much as a good bye. & so much more throughout my life .. I could sit around and blame everyone , and see how far that got me in life giving excuse after excuse . I could go all day an night with stories of reasons why I call my life a disaster . looking at the reflection in the mirror . spoke valumes to me . I was 18 years young alone with no guidance & full of blame . no future in sight  an nothing but broken dreams . I’m a survivor , and it’s a cold world  I had to adapt to my environment so it was no surprise to me  that at 18 years old their I was , in a 6×9 cell staring at a Transparent reflection of lost & broken soul . facing basically the rest of my life still empty inside while I evaluated the man in the mirror I knew it was time for change . I always was knew I was strong willed , capable of whatever task I put my mind to . .To all the people out their who can relate understand no matter what we been thru its not worth giving up our mistakes do not define us . I had to go through every thing I did . that’s what made me who I am . Nothing is just going to magically change without effort even the babiest of steps is a start depend solely on yourself none but yourself is obligated to help but thats reality my biggest life lesson would surely be don’t waist time its non refundable plus learn to enjoy an appreciate the small things. An genuinely be their for the people you associate yourself with lifes entirely to short to not enjoy every moment possible. . love hard , laugh often you have purpose ! Self motivated I’m determined to reach my dreams an goals . your futures are yours for the making so make the best of it . #byhoosier415

Love , laugh & inspire !!

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